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Welcome to Greenhouses.ie, Ireland's leading source for DIY and hobbyist greenhouses. As an integral part of OutdoorLiving.ie, we're proud to offer the widest variety of greenhouses in Ireland, featuring top-tier brands like Vitavia, Palram, and Palmako. Our diverse range includes wooden and dwarf wall glasshouses, and practical lean-to greenhouses. Many of these greenhouses can be viewed at our Glen of the Downs showroom, Co. Wicklow.


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Greenhouses present numerous advantages for gardening enthusiasts, from offering a controlled environment for optimal plant growth, to safeguarding your plants from harsh weather conditions and potential pests. Here at Greenhouses.ie, we are equipped with a greenhouse to complement every garden size and aesthetic, ranging from compact two-foot squares to large twelve-foot squares.

Our greenhouses are designed with your gardening needs in mind, boasting practical features such as louvre vents, slatted shelves, and double doors. Our diverse styles include dwarf wall models set on quaint low brick walls, and frames completed with period style accents like ornate cresting's and finials.


Close up of tomatos growing in greenhouse


If you're grappling with limited space, our lean-to greenhouses, designed to securely attach to a garage or shed, might just be the solution. Our compact models offer a space-saving solution without compromising on the quality of the growing environment. For those leaning towards a simpler structure, we offer cold frame greenhouses, utilizing solar energy and insulation to establish a nurturing micro-climate right in your backyard.


Large glass greenhouse in garden


We at Greenhouses.ie understand that selecting the right greenhouse can be a challenging decision. To simplify this process, we offer carefully curated greenhouse packages that bundle together essential accessories, ensuring you maximize the benefits from your purchase. Browse through our selection today, and invest in a helping hand for your garden.

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