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Our Garden Care selection is fully equipped to support the growth and maintenance of a thriving garden, featuring a variety of stakes, nutrients, and essential tools.

In our collection, we have a range of garden stakes, including multipack options, providing sturdy support for climbing plants. These durable stakes, often with a ridged surface for enhanced grip, are typically crafted from weather-resistant materials like plastic-coated steel, ensuring reliable support throughout the year.

We also stock a variety of plant protection solutions, ideal for organic gardening. These include treatments effective against common issues like Powdery Mildew, Fruit Scab, Rust, and Leaf Spot, while being friendly to beneficial insects such as bees and ladybirds. These pesticide-free options also aid in enhancing plant resilience against fungal threats.

Our selection includes soil additives like Perlite, a naturally occurring material that improves soil aeration and drainage, crucial for healthy root development and ideal for use in potting and rooting cuttings.

For those looking to enrich their blooms, we offer a range of fertilizers, including options enriched with essential nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and organic matter. We also have products like seaweed-based solutions that maximize plant immunity and promote the growth of vibrant fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

Vegetable feeds in our range are designed to strengthen plants from within, providing slow-release nutrients for a more abundant and tastier harvest.

Additionally, we offer organic slug control options that are safe for use around crops and certified for organic gardening.

Our range also includes gardening gloves designed for protection and comfort, as well as playful and practical tools for young gardeners, such as colorful wheelbarrows.

For efficient watering and seeding, we have galvanized watering cans and seed spreaders. Our collection also features dual-purpose kneeler seats with cushioned pads and storage compartments for comfort and convenience, and weed membranes for effective garden maintenance.

Visit us at our Glen of The Downs store in Co. Wicklow to see our complete range of garden products and accessories. Catering to gardeners of all levels, our Garden Care collection provides everything needed to cultivate and enhance your garden's beauty.