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Whether you’re after a small or large greenhouse, we have something for every outdoor gardener. We boast a wide selection of greenhouses to ensure we can suit as many needs as possible. Check out our stellar deals and begin cultivating your food year round.

Green houses is part of Outdoor Living and proudly boasts the widest range of Hobbyist and DIY Greenhouses that Ireland has to offer. You'll find many excellent brands here, including Palram, Vitavia, Elite, and more. And there are plenty of models for you to choose from, including Polycarbonate, Wooden, Dwarf Wall Glasshouses, and Lean-to Greenhouses.

Everyone from amateur gardeners and beyond will enjoy the incredible benefits that greenhouses offer for planting and growing. The right greenhouse will supply an ideal place for healthy plants to thrive and long growing seasons. A proper greenhouse provides a consistently regulated space so you can trust that your plants are getting what they need from their environment. No need to fear heavy rain, strong winds, or overbearing heat that could otherwise harm unprotected plants. Greenhouses are designed to diffuse sunlight, shield from rain and wind, and provide ventilation. As a result, as the seasons change, your greenhouse will keep things comfortable for your plant life so all your plants can thrive.

Have plants that come from foreign climates? Just move those pots into your greenhouse. An insulated greenhouse can provide humid, warm environments you couldn't achieve outdoors, giving you the chance to bring up exotic plants and warm-season vegetables. The greenhouse structure provides shelter and protection from predators and pests, so you won't have to introduce toxic chemicals or pesticides to keep those pesky critters at bay.

Our greenhouses are available in various styles and sizes to fit your needs. From mini greenhouses to larger options, you're sure to find the right greenhouse for any garden. Our greenhouses come filled with features like slatted shelves, double doors, and louvre vents for aeration.

Just as important as practicality, of course, is style. Choose between Dwarf Wall models sitting on low brick walls that bring forth images of days gone by. Many greenhouse frames in our selection are finished in period style, featuring ornate crestings and finials, giving off just the right finishing touch for a gorgeous, Victorian-inspired look.

If your garden doesn't have ample space for a massive greenhouse, consider a lean-to greenhouse that can securely attach to an existing shed or garage. These compact options provide an option for those with little space while still providing that same high-quality growing environment.

Lean-to not your style? Check out the cold frame greenhouse, which uses solar energy and insulation – creating a micro-climate right on your lawn. Between frame finish, ridge height, and colour scheme, you have so many options to browse in our massive catalogue. If you have trouble deciding, take a look at our greenhouse packages, where we group together essential accessories that will help you make the most of your greenhouse.

Give your garden an upgrade, and check out what we have to offer today!

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