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Delve into our broad collection of garden essentials, perfectly suited to meet the needs of every gardener. Our assortment encompasses a variety of Seed Packs, nutrient-rich Manures, effective Lawn Seeds, and practical Seed Spreaders, among other items.

Our range of Seed Packs offers an array of options for your garden. Whether you're aiming to cultivate a charming, low-growing floral meadow or attract wildlife with a mix that lures pollinators and beneficial insects, we have the perfect selection for you.

For those passionate about lawn care, our selection of Lawn Seeds is ideal. These seeds are specially formulated to produce dense, green lawns that are resilient in high-traffic areas, with a focus on quick germination and establishment.

Gardeners who love roses will find our specially formulated Rose Manure invaluable. Packed with nutrients, it not only promotes bigger and more vibrant blooms but also enhances foliage health and boosts plant immunity.

Our range also includes essential tools for lawn maintenance, such as our efficient Lawn Drop Spreaders. These tools are designed for easy and uniform application of lawn treatments, simplifying lawn care.

Our collection is geared towards gardeners of all levels of experience. To get a closer look and discover our complete array of garden products and accessories, visit us at our Glen of The Downs store in Co. Wicklow. We're dedicated to helping your garden thrive.